Book Reader

Work towards your book reader badge.  You could even make yourself a reading den and read some new books to do this challenge.

Record this on our record form you can download below and send it in.

Part 1: Make a list of at least six books you have read or used recently.

Books you have read on an e-reader count too.

Part 2: Name the authors of your books.

Write down something about three of your books. At least one book should be fiction and one should be non-fiction.

Part 3: Show that you know how to care for your books and know the benefits a library can bring to people who enjoy reading.  

What alternatives are available when you can’t go to the library?

Part 4: Show that you can use a dictionary and a thesaurus.

Find a difficult word from one of your books, write down the dictionary definition and another word that means the same thing from a thesaurus.

Part 5: Write a review of your favourite book and send it in

What is the title?  What is it about?  Why is it your favourite?