Book Reader Activity Badge

  1. Design a cover for your favourite book.

    Tell your Colony, Lodge, Explorer Scout Young Leader or Beaver Leader why this book is your favourite.
    You could do this with paper and pens, or on a computer.
    Write on the back or another page why it is your favourite book and send us a copy!

  2. Read at least six books.

    Books you have read on an e-reader count too.
    Make a list of the books you have read and send it in.  Which one did you like the most?  Why?

  3. Show that you know how to look after a book.
    Make a list of things you do to look after books.  What must you not do whilst reading books?

  4. Make a bookmark and explain what bookmarks are for.
    Here are some ideas for making bookmarks.  Send us a photo!

There a lots of ideas here:

And these monster bookmarks are great fun too: