Work on your Chef badge by

Part 1: Learn the basic rules of safety and hygiene in the kitchen.

Explain why they’re important.

Try this game

and then write in your logbook what to do and why it is important.

Part 2: Find out about the different ways of preparing and cooking food.

Have a look at the cooking methods on the scout website:

In your logbook, make a list of the meals you’ve had in the last 3 days.  Against each one, which cooking methods were used?

Learn what the major food groups are.
Plan, cook, serve and clear away a two-course meal for at least two people.

You should prepare and cook vegetables as part of the menu. Remember, an adult must supervise you for this step. Talk to the people you’re cooking for about the menu.

You can find some great ideas here:

Don’t forget to ask the people you’re cooking for to give you feedback, and send us a photo!