Digital Citizen

Why not work towards your Digital Citizen Badge?

Stage 1:

Part 1: Show that you can:

    • turn on and log into a computer
    • use a piece of software, for example email or a game
    • name the main parts of a computer system
    • connect a peripheral (for example a scanner or printer) to your computer and use it.

You might do this by:

Don’t forget to 

  • send us a photo of your picture or model
  • send us your logbook once a week

Part 2: Create a piece of digital media. It could be artwork, a photograph, music or animation.

You might do this by:

  • Make a short animation video using lego or modelling clay
  • Write and record a song
  • Make a photo collage on a topic
  • Download inklewriter from and create a ‘choose your own adventure’
  • Use a Microsoft tool to create a picture, slideshow or story
  • Use a tool like pixton to make a comic (

Don’t Forget To

  • Send us your recording, file, photo or link

Part 3: Use the internet for research

(being safe online – try or as a search engine and make sure you have permission first):

  • decide on an area of interest
  • find three websites with content that matches your area of interest
  • collect relevant information by printing or saving as files

You might do this by:

  • Decide on a skill and research how you can teach someone else
  • Look up cubs in another country and find out what is in their promise and the types of games they play (also world badge item 6)
  • Find out about renewable energy sources (also environmental conservation)
  • Find out about activities you think we should do as a cub pack in the future
  • Find out about sailing or kayaking
  • Make a list of your topic and your websites in your logbook
    Use part 4 to show the research you’ve done

Part 4: Using your internet research, design a presentation and tell others about what you have found out.

You might do this by:

  • Create a slideshow about your topic – if you use powerpoint you could turn it into a video with music or record a voiceover
  • Make a video on your topic
  • Draw a poster

Don’t Forget To

  • Send us your presentation, video, poster or other idea