Personal Challenge

This is a great time to set and achieve your personal challenge award (ready for your chief scouts silver).

For our cubs this is a key part of getting to know themselves and what they can achieve, before moving up to Troop. The Personal Challenge Award is one of the 7 hexagonal Challenge Awards needed to achieve the Chiefs Scouts Silver Award, and includes setting a challenge in cub time, and one outside of cubs.

The challenges need to be tailored to each cub, so we’ll ask your parents to get involved in setting and monitoring the home one.  You should discuss what you think are your strongest skills and personal qualities, and then think about some of your weaker skills. Once your weaker area(s) are identified you can hopefully agree a task in which will be genuinely stretching, rather than playing to your existing strengths, and give you a real sense of achievement once complete.  Some example personal challenges are in the download. Recent examples have included a screen free weekend, helping a relative after surgery, learning a new instrument and a swim challenge.

Please email us with one (or two) challenges you have agreed, and a likely timescale.